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. you're watching the station that works for you. abc 2 news at 11:00. . an investigation is underway into an apartment fire in howard county and the death of one of its tenants, good evening, i'm kelly swoope. investigators not only want to know what caused the devastating fire in columbia but also how that victim died. connor is life at howard county headquarters tonight with more on why investigators are kind of dealing with two separate mysteries. cheryl. >> reporter: howard county police say the victim's injuries are not related to the fire. in fact there are several investigations here tonight. authorities want to know how she died, why a man found inside the apartment with her is in critical condition tonight and exactly how that
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fire started. . windows are busted out of this apartment, howard county firefighters and police officers are on the scene, four kids are in disbelief that their mother has died. always had a smile on her face and she loved her kids, her kids were her world. >> reporter: police have not identified the victims but they do know she had injuries unrelated to the fire as did a man in his 30s. they reported the fire in the jeffersville community in columbia, 2:40 tuesday afternoon. >> everybody walks and the mother at the park and the school and for this to happen here, very highly unusual. what's goin' on over here? >> reporter: the victim's mom spoke to us briefly off camera saying her daughter had divorced the man found with her but he became homeless and she was helping him temporarily. he is the father have the youngest child and she says he has a history of a bad temper. but at this point police have
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not named him as a suspect. now four kids from high school age to as young as 6, are missing, perhaps the most important person in their life. >> just to see him sobbing like that. to just know he doesn't have a mother, umm. sad, yeah, it's sad. . >> reporter: now the fire was contained to that apartment but there was some minor damage throughout the building and tonight the red cross is assisting 9 families. we're live in ellicott city, cheryl connor, abc 2 news. thanks cheryl. the maryland man who was the subject of a policeman hunt after they said he tried to kill his ex-girlfriend is behind bars tonight. joshua prince of montgomery county surrendered to pennsylvania authorities late this afternoon, it all started at an apartment complex just after 7:00 this morning in north bethesda. he shot at his former girl friend with a high-powered
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rival and missed and fled the area. his girlfriend filed a restraining order against him just last week. >> baltimore city police have three teens in custody after a stabbing near the university of baltimore. it happened monday afternoon in the 1500 block of maryland avenue. now what's inside of pen station the victim told police that a young boy asked him if he could give him change for a $0 bill. when the victim refused he says another boy stuck a knife in his back. it turns out the alleged attacker is just 14 years old. the victim was able to flag down a university of baltimore police officer who in turn contacted city police. officers found three suspects, two 14 years old, and one just a 16-year-old. a hot take in the 90s for back to work today. a short week, right. i tell you what. temperature-wise still pretty warm out there tonight. we're hovering around 80 degrees. high temperatures today at the har important, 94 hot degrees
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in dc, believe it or not we have been as high as 101 back in the late 180 0's, so it has been hotter, but today was above average, right now 82 downtown, annapolis, cambridge here 79. bottom line is these temperatures are going to be slow the cool off tonight. another relatively warm start tomorrow but big changes. radar's most powerful radar track, western virginia, western pennsylvania, that's the leading edge of some much cooler air. looks like we might miss some showers, not the cool air, no dodging that. mid-80s, tomorrow, goin' down into the 60s, maybe the 50s, tomorrow night. changing weather tomorrow, also a little win deout there in the afternoon so watch out for that. we'll talk about how cool it gets and how long it last, all coming up. kelly. >> thanks wyatt. new at 11:00 top, a new push to get an addition built on to an overcrowded school in baltimore county. parents say they thought construction was supposed to have started already. it hasn't and they are not happy about it.
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abc 2 news christian schaefer is here with that story tonight. chris. over crowding in the towson area has been a problem for several years, the new elementary school was one step in the process of fixing it. the next step though is still on the drawing board. >> hampton elementary school in lutherville, a building designed for 300 students opened last week with more than 500. how did they do it? with eight trailers outside the school, four on each side. >> hampton elementary is the most overcrowded school in baltimore county. not elementary school, school. >> reporter: maureen swing oh is the president of the pta she ace every 4th and 5th grader at the school will be in a trail they are year. >> there's facility, bathrooms, the cafeteria, the gymnasium. >> reporter: stress that was supposed to be relieved by a 300 feet addition. parents weren't surprised to see the extra trailers, they knew the extra addition wouldn't be done by now. they thought it would be
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started so it could be finished this fall. >> there is no construction starting because we didn't get the funding, parents were shocked. >> county officials say a county-wide referendum is required before it can be approved t school board heard about the issue tonight. with an over capacity in the towson area of well over 300 students bc ps and the county cannot afford time lapses for these additions. >> reporter: a brand new school, west towson elementary, was the first step for over crowding in the towson area. they say they are happy with their old school, they just want it to be bigger. >> it's a wonderful school, it's a gem in lutherville. >> reporter: knew if that referendum is approved by voters in the county construction could begin next year. county officials hope to have the entire project finished in time for the start of school in 2012. christian schaefer, abc 2 news. . well election day is now just a week away and tonight
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candidates for baltimore city state attorney general squared off again. patricia jess a me and her challenger, cheryl land see, squared off at the baltimore school of law. they touched on topics including fighting drug crime in baltimore. . >> for non-violent offenders treatment is the best option. prostitution, i believe, is appropriate for low-level non- violent offenders because they need to be held accountable and responsible for their actions. >> i certainly support drug courts and community courts and drug diversion programs for those none violent drug users but for those repeat offenders who use violence we need to use mandatory minimum penalties where appropriate. >> the short-term goals for the addicts, long-term goals, to try to quell the distribution from the top down to the street
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level. >> one minute at a time. >> primary day is september 14th. join us for complete coverage right here on abc 2. . well a new report reports maryland's road system is among the nation's worst. the los angeles-based reason foundation's annual survey ranked maryland 43rd out of 50 states, the report emphasizes things like traffic congestion, traffic fatalities and money spent on improvements, north dakota got the best grade from the survey and rhode island got the worst. . a warnings from parents tonight in the consumer alert. step 2 is recalling the sand and water transportation station because the trains carsd can apparently become a choking hazard. they were sold at tart and other major retailers between december 2008 and june 201. you can call step 2 for
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replacement cars 18003478372. . the secretary of state hillary clinton has joined the growing chorus of those against a planned koran burning this september 11th by a small florida church. . >> i am heart end by the clear, unequivocal condemnation of this disrespectful disgraceful act that has come from american religious leaders in all states. >> they rarely comment on political matters but the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan had already warned that the planned burning of the can ran would put american troops at greater risk. despite the plea by general david patreus the pastor of the church tells abc news he still plans to go through with his demonstration. today in the nation's capital a group of interfavery lidgeous leaders said burning a coran hurts all religions. three u.s. soldiers
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providing security for a u.s. commander are shot and killed by an iraqui soldier. according to a u.s. police chief the shooting followed an argument. they were the first american servicemen killed since the u.s. declared an official end to combat operations in country last week. a military statement says 9 other u.s. soldiers were wounded, the gunman was shot and killed. you know, it is a fact of life that parents know all too well. sometimes kids just scream and there's nothing you can do p it. well not at one restaurant. they have made ate policy to make sure diners can enjoy their meals in peace. but not everyone is okay with the ban on screaming kids. plus, could it be the modern version of the old trojan horse trick? probably not but we'll tell you why this toy phony had an explosive day. they ever trust this toy pony, kelly, i'll tell you. 101 degrees, that's the old record from the 180 0's. we've got to 91 today, hot but certainly not a record breaker and a big-time cool shot of air
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headed our way. we talk about that right after this. mshore every night only takesn an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress.
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. well tomorrow president obama will hit the road once again trying to drum up support for some of his economic programs. but he is also trying to get back on the public's good side for the first time. a new poll says that more voters disapprove of how the president is doing his job. abc's john hendron has the details. . >> reporter: when air force one touches down in cleveland president obama will outline tax cuts designed to create new jobs allowing businesses to write off 100% of their investments in plant and equipment through the end of next year at an estimated final cost of $30 billion, and
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permanently extending a research tax credit on top of a $50 billion investment in more infrastructure. which the president outlined in an earlier stop in milwaukee. >> i'm going to keep fighting every single day, every single hour, every single minute, to turn this economy around. >> reporter: but across the nation he faces a tough reception. >> you can see that unemployment numbers are growing and people are still hurt at hurting, things need to be done. >> i wish he would create more jobs in ohio. >> president obama is doing a terrible job at handling the economy. >> reporter: a new abc news washington post poll found for the first time most voters, 52%, now disapprove of the way president obama is handling his job over all. and many say he has made the economy worse. what we're seeing is a revolt against the status quo and it's all about the economy. now they favor an unnamed republican over a democrat in
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their from 53 to 19%. mitt romney says he owe poses the president's plans for new stimulus spending but those tax cuts are just the kind of job creation proposals romney says he has been urging all along. john hendron, abc 2 news, washington. two adults and two kids are hit and dragged by a stolen car all caught on tape. clean williams, her two kids and a friend were leaving the store in chicago when the car slammed into them. the car hit a parked car before crashing into a building, two suspects in the car wrap off, all four victims survived but darlene's 11-year-old daughter is in critical condition tonight. arestaurant in north carolina has had enough with screaming kids, so, now, they are no longer allowed. the restaurant has a posted sign warning customers that screaming children will not be tolerated. many diners like the policy, but some don't, like this couple whose baby started to cry while they debated the
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policy with the owner. >> i mean he cries like that. >> that's a crying baby. >> that's a crying baby. >> here is a screaming child. ah, ah. >> wow. the owner says even if your child gets loud, all thee asks is that parents take them outside, until they calm down. doesn't always work that easily though. well, any long-time nurse will tell you after enough time on the job they have seen just about it all. but one nurse saw something she never expected when she walked into work one day. her long-lost father. wanda rodriguez's dad left when she was just a baby. last week the 23-year-old nursing veteran saw she had a new hospice patient and now father and daughter are spending precious moments together as victor prepares for the end. >> why do you think this happened? >> because it was fate.
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that was what was supposed to happen. i was supposed to meet my dad before he passes, especially because he had no tammy, so he was not meant to go that way. >> this chance reunion never did happen at all almost. when he was admitted there was only one bed open in his daughter' unit and he got it. now the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> pretty nice out there today, wyatt. >> nice day, a little hotter than we're used to kelly when this weather was kind of cool this last week. we'll take it. kind of a muggy night, feels like a summer night, still technically summer, fall winds coming right back in tomorrow so back and forth we're going to go here for another week or two. 'tis the season, september, you know -- >> wol letter coaster ride. >> warm, cool, everything. take a look outside. if you take a close look, you can see a little bit of that hazy look, warm supper night, late summer night, always feels
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like after labor day we're in fall. technically meet logically we're past the summer but on the calendar still on summer 2010 for just a couple more weeks here. 79 degrees, humidity 54%, southwest winds 8 right now, barometer beginning to fall. towson today, weather net camera here capturing a little bit of a shake in the trees there, blue skies though, had to like it all across area. pretty good weather here. a few other spots, middletown, frederick county. i love this particular shot on the weather net because you get that beautiful postcard look as you push towards sunset. sunset getting earlier and earlier, 7:28 at this point and pretty quick we'll see that sunset back closer to 7 over the next week or two. high temperatures today on the hot side, no doubt about it. 90 baltimore, 87 chester town, but bel air 93, at least one of our sites to 93. clarksville to 93 too. depending exactly where you are, but hotter than average,
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on the whole 10 to 12 degrees above the statistical norm, 90 from eats ton, cool breeze off the water there, out toward western maryland, oakland to 82. but this hot air beginning to lose its grip to say the very least. still muggy tonight, still 80 degrees, awfully warm, it was a dri heat today getting a little muggier tonight but here is what is going on off to our west. cooler air beginning to punch in the region, southern ohio knocking on the door, western virginia, western pennsylvania heading our direction. if you take a wider perspective you can see that line of cool air sparking showers and storms back through just about western new york and up toward pittsburgh an that draper, you see the clouds draping actually back through southern missouri. the whole line, the whole ball of wax, pushing through early in the day tomorrow. we'll see a generally cloudy skyed early on, winds kind of gusty out off the south. we'll see some sunshine mix in. the bottom line is our warm pattern with this high pressure offshore, southerly flow getting ready to give way to a
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cooler northwesterly wind that is going to employee in tomorrow a little gusty at times through the day, again temperatures will be dropping pretty sharply by tomorrow night, well down into the 60s, probably the 50s by daybreak thursday. as far as our chance for rain, rain we could really use, none of that for us it would appear. looks like that front is going to push through dry sparking cloud cover, maybe a slight chance of a hit or miss shower, not much. that's too bad because tomorrow we actually have a fire watch up, windy or extremely dry conditions, not a good day to burn outside that's for sure. quick check of the gulf satellite, all clear, a little bit of a disturbance south of florida. for the moment her mean is now just a pressure area. dropping employee tropical storm status in texas. 67 a few clouds here, quiet, but tomorrow we'll make about 85, 87 degrees in the mid-part of the day. clouds increasing and those winds turn north tomorrow night, 55, check on it
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undertake. double nickels. seven-day forecast, trend going to be much much cooler here thursday into friday. nights in the mid-50s, days in the upper 70s, we'll warm up a bit this weekend. best chance for cooler showers sunday and early monday. kelly. who is afraid of the big bad stuffed pony? where he 6 yes, we're going to show you a stuffed pony here on the middle of your screen, that is a member of the bomb squad walking up to it. somebody at the school decided the toy was suspicious. they blew up the toy, the bomb squad, it was quickly determined not to have been a threat at all. >> how would you like to fill up your gas tanks for less than a dime? two atlanta gas stations got into a price war and the winners is actually everybody who lined up at the pumps. there was no warning, no pro notions, just word of mouth and a lot of wasting.
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>> the gas is 10 cents, marathon for 8 cents. >> dropping, people see it on the road and they are trying to jump in. now we're just trying to hold everything down. >> the owner of the shell station apparently is well known for his gas price antics. this was the second price war of the summer. you know, it's safe to say that there is always a lot of movement and shacking going on at the white house but not quite like this. we'll tell you why it took the place of political moves and the most powerful house in the u.s. storm gear and promotional consideration provided by l.l. bean. w
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. press box sports report presented by mr. basement. . this is kevin heights with the "press box sports report." following a thrilling 33-30
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victory virginia tech they remain first over alabama and ohio state. at this time the broncos got 8 first place votes. florida dropped four spots to number 8 after a sloppy 34-12 victory against miami of ohio. his captain's pick for the u.s. ryder cup this morning and his list included tiger woods, it is his sixth but he needs to be picked. jim purchasic, stewart sink and bubba watson, check out joe play taken ya's "ravens report" on . >> officiating today's game, mr. basement.
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. tomorrow on "good morning maryland," getting pregnant for a lot of women is a lifelong dream. but we'll show you how gestational carriers are giving hope to couples who desperately want to have a baby. i'm jamie costello. we'll have that story for you, plus good morning maryland. abc 2 works for the community, a proud partner with the johns hopkins children's center. tonight jimbo is back with a new name. jimmy, but you can call me d.j. sweep me. a new look, andre agassiz, and he -- jimmy kimmel live. >> i'm bob rowand, i'm not the kind of guy that likes to hang on the sidelines,
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♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪
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. well there was a lot less bickering and a little more movement than usual at the white house today. first lady michelle obama opened the first of her dance workshops. the program actually brings students from all across the country to washington, d.c. for a chance to learn from the pros.
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they have all kinds of dancing from valet all the way to hiphop. looks like that could be a combination of both. >> she has some moves. >> yeah, they get the chance to spend the day with these stars. >> like a junior version of "dancing with the stars." >> a lot less hype. >> yes. yes indeed. kelly, change, the winds of change on the way for us. >> cooling? >> how's that? a clear night on the maryland's most powerful radar, we have been watching for any rain because we really could use some. in fact, tomorrow, a fire watch up from the national weather service for all of maryland. we have got some showers and storms on the radar but it looks like these are going to fizzle out and track to our north. we're left with a cool front that will bring up the wind but probably not again rate any rain, very little in any. the bottom line is, kelly, through the day, temperatures warm up and begin to cool off. by tomorrow night real cool, 60s eventually down in the 50s and real quick here you can see
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this the outlook temperatures will stay cool thursday and friday. so enjoy it, like the fall winds, see if we've got 'em. >> and i would say september 22nd, summer is officially over. all right. that's it for us tonight. we're back tomorrow, 5, 6, 11, have a good evening. >> have a good evening,
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